Lauryn & Emily 

Both girls learned to ride right here at our ranch. Emily has been working events with us for over a year now, and Lauryn has been here since         inception. 

Alex and Melanie 

We own the ranch. Melanie trains the horses and runs the events while Alex takes care of behind the scenes responsibilities. 


Taffy, our miniature Palomino, is small in stature but big in personality and strength.

Scout, a friendly little paint, is the product of a miniature stallion and a pony mare.

Ranger, captain of the team. In addition to being a great lead-line pony, Ranger also does riding lessons

several times a week.

Jewel is co-captain, also doing double duty between events and lessons, she's super friendly and always looking for a treat.


Carmel is in training to be our next lead line pony


Buttercup is the friendliest miniature pony you'll ever meet, if you have a treat she's your friend for life.


Lucinda is a miniature mule from our petting zoo, but she has hopes of joining our lead line team someday, or perhaps pulling a cart.

our services

lead line ponies

These ponies will be on a 

halter with a rope, being led by one of our staff. 

We can bring one, or as many as you'd like, up to five; or we can provide the service here. 

Please call for pricing

petting zoo

We have a variety of animals to choose from, pigs, chickens, goats,

alpacas, mini mules to name a few; or choose them all!

We've brought them on the road, but a discount will be given if you use them as an add on to your party here 

at the ranch.

bounce house

The primary colors castle

can be rented separately or in addition to your pony party. It makes waiting for your turn on the pony fun!

By itself the castle rents for $75

the large castle slide combo rents for $125 and in most cases this includes delivery and set up

riding lessons 

 The current price for private lessons is $20 or $15 for semi private. 

We also have larger horses available for older children.


please call (254)654-9481

to schedule an event or riding lessons or

e-mail us at